Monday, October 7, 2013

Outliers Comic Book drying up on ebay

I have been keeping an eye on the low-print comic book called Outliers by Erik Johnson.  This book was a kickstarter campaign that was very well received.  No sooner had the book been shipped that it started showing up on ebay.  The buzz picked up shortly after and the book took off like a rocket selling for $40 - $55 per copy.  Signed copies were priced between $80 - $120.  As with most hot books, the market cooled after a couple weeks; there were simply more sellers than buyers.  Still, the book held above $30.  Today I checked the current ebay listings for Outliers and saw there were only seven (7) listings with the cheapest at $44.99 + $5 shipping.  I contend that the book has dried up enough to stabilize the floor at $45 for a nm copy.  We'll see if I'm right.

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