Friday, October 4, 2013

Batman The Dark Knight #23.4 - Joker's Daugther review

This probably isn't the worst origin story I've ever read.  It's barely an origin story.  It's basically some flashbacks mixed in with the "present".  I don't want to spoil it for anybody not in the stop reading now.

It's not really....are you still reading but don't want to read spoilers?  Whelp, stop reading then!

Spoilers ahead.

The Joker's Daughter isn't really the Joker's Daughter - it's Duela Dent, daughter of renown psychotic District Attorney, Harvey Dent/Two Face.  She's got issues.  As she dawns the face of the joker and burns burns smiles onto her victims, somebody assumes she's the Joker's Daughter and that's when the hilarity ensues.

This series (villain's month) seems to be pushing everything too fast.  A good origin story takes at least a full book, not a few panels sprinkled in every so often.  I was hoping for a whole book dedicated to the actual origin of Duela Dent - or at least a turning point moment like in Breaking Bad when Walk lets Jane die.  Whoops.  forgot to warn about Breaking Bad spoilers.

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